Anam Cara, which in Gaelic means “Friend of the Soul,” not only names our center, but is a beacon that guides our work and our lives. (Click Anam Cara for its full meaning.)

In 2006, a group of practitioners in separate practices began to envision a communal home for our healing arts work. Our practices include a variety of healing modalities including: body centered psychotherapy, mindfulness-based therapy, coaching and bodywork, we shared an affinity for intention and community, and within a year, our vision had manifested into a thriving holistic healing center dedicated to wholeness, transformation, education and community. Since manifesting our original intention, we have grown to include nine practitioners.

Drawing from a diverse range of backgrounds and training, each of us integrates the connection between body, mind, and spirit of our clients into our work. We also view personal experience within the larger context and system in which a person lives. We view our space as a living altar, a place that embodies the essence of our work--a place where we can welcome the richness found in life’s complexity and sacredness. We hope we have created an environment that will help awaken and free the wild possibilities for all who pass through our doors.

Anam Cara is much more than a location; it is a home and place of belonging that has blossomed from our vision. Anam Cara is a place where people come to grow, to explore, to learn, to connect, and to heal. Please come join us.