Our Practitioners

Our practitioners at Anam Cara are a group of bay area therapists and transformational coaches. We have come together to provide a safe, comfortable place for healing. Our East Bay location is conveniently located in Berkeley with easy access to public transportation.


Dominique Lando, MA, MFT, CHT

CA License # MFC 44542
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I support my clients to thrive in life and/or move through difficult transitions. Together we tease through unresolved issues and relationships, open new doors, integrate traumas that restrict freedom, nurse hurt parts back to health. Whether you are looking to soothe your anxiety, heal a broken heart ... Read More...

Susan San Tara, MA, MFT, CHT

(formerly Susan San Roman)
CA License # MFC 43157
(510) 982-6034

As a relational psychotherapist and Certified Hakomi Therapist, I help individual and couples in Berkeley and the Bay Area focus on the ways that they show up in relationships with others as well as with themselves.  My work uses mindfulness and actual embodied experience to explore consciousness and core beliefs.  Read More...

Eilish Nagle, MA, CCHT, CHP

Certified Hakomi Practitioner
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I have had a practice in the Bay Area since 1996, and I am a Co-Founder of Anam Cara Center. My background includes 20 years of Buddhist practice and training in earth healing traditions, Ecopsychology, Certification in the Hakomi Method, Hakomi Sensorimotor Trauma Training, Reiki ...  Read More...

Rivka Geoghegan, MA, MFT

CA License # MFC 46019

The heart of my work is to give you a deeper experience of yourself, thus creating a fresh perspective on life’s challenges. My work is a blend of numerous modalities which integrate talk therapy, mindfulness, movement and somatic (body)awareness. I see adult individuals and have a passion for couples therapy ... Read more...

Charna Cassell, MA, MFT

CA License # MFC 51238
(415) 999-2422

As a licensed MFT, and Certified Master Somatic Coach, I am passionate about empowering my clients to live a more spirited and enlivened existence. I help them show up as charismatic, trustworthy people, who lead with open hearts, grace and power, in all aspects of their lives. Read more...

Jana Flores Schustack, MFT

CA License # MFC 49960
(510) 594-4044

I offer a warm, collaborative, and relational approach intended to foster personal growth and self understanding for individuals and couples of all cultures and sexual orientations. My therapeutic approach is based on principles of mindfulness and somatic awareness... Read more...

Carrie Katz, MA, MFT

CA License # MFC 39321
(510) 594-4330

I am a licensed psychotherapist and like to bring kindness, as well as a sense of playfulness and humor, to the serious work of human growth. I have been working in the field of somatic therapy, or body-oriented therapies for twenty years, and bring in the expressive arts with those who are interested in it (no “artistic” experience is necessary!). Read more...

Shirley Bar-Dvir, MA, MFT

CA License # MFC 44258
(510) 610-9582
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I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a certified Hakomi Therapist and Certified Hakomi Teacher. I hold a BA in Social Work and MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from JFK University. I have been practicing psychotherapy since 1997 in agencies and private practice, seeing families, children, couples and individuals. I come from a Holistic healing perspective... Read more...

Matt Foley, MFT

CA License # MFC 51453
(510) 470-4135

To sit with another human being in their suffering and rawness, in their tears and rage, with occasional breakthroughs into the beautiful and profound – this is an honor, the highest work for me. With my clients we discover and rediscover a simple grounded presence that both transcends and embodies the self, that heals ... Read more...

Eugenia Guidi, MFT

CA License # MFC 88614
(510) 463-4027

I offer holistic, somatic, warm-hearted psychotherapy in the East Bay. As a therapist, my deepest belief is in our inborn ability to heal, no matter what brokenness we may have experienced in life.  Often we find that the blueprint for our healing and growth is contained within our suffering.  With curiosity, courage, and presence we will support the healing process within you... Read more...