Charna Cassell, MA, MFT

CA License # MFC 51238
415 999-2422

As a licensed MFT, and Certified Master Somatic Coach, I am passionate about empowering my clients to live a more spirited and enlivened existence. I help them show up as charismatic, trustworthy people, who lead with open hearts, grace and power, in all aspects of their lives.

How I work:
People of all developmental stages and ages benefit from my combined training in the principles of Aikido, energetics, meditation, coaching and somatic psychotherapy. Recognizing that we all react out of habit in challenging situations, I offer concrete practices that build the necessary skills to intervene in these habitual reactions, make new choices and live engaged and fulfilling lives. Clients learn more effective ways to communicate personal needs, listen and respond to their own values, and connect with their innate wisdom and ability to heal.

I also use bodywork when appropriate with clients. It is a direct path to feeling what matters most to you, then moves you closer to that as a real possibility, rather than just an idea. You can cultivate a deep presence inside yourself, become more aware of how your beliefs are reflected in your structure, and how this impacts your personal and work relationships.

Who I work with:
Over the past 20 years, I worked in a variety of schools and nonprofits as a teacher, trainer, counselor and workshop leader. I specialize in unwinding trauma, embodied sexuality, leadership coaching and moving through life transitions. My clients include entrepreneurs, medical professionals, post-trauma thrivers, cultural creatives, and youth. I see couples, individuals and families in private practice in San Francisco and Berkeley.

My credentials:
In addition to being certified as a Master Somatic Coach from the Strozzi Institute and receiving my Masters in Integral Counseling Psychology from The California Institute for Integral Studies, I am an Advanced Somatics and Trauma graduate in Generative Somatics.

Unwind your past. Your Life is waiting.