Dominique Lando, MA, MFT, CHT

CA License # MFC 44542
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I appreciate a grounded yet inspired approach to life. Although I am continually taken with the power of the methods that I use, the foundation of my work is that I am real, an honest presence, an ally. I will listen for and speak with the parts of you that need or want to be engaged and don’t always get to have that.

As humans we become rigidified in certain perceptions of the world based on the blueprints that we have been exposed to and how we organize around those. We are often not aware to what extent they dictate our experience of our lives. Together we can uncover these beliefs and discover new possibilities, literally creating new pathways in our brains so we can have access to options and resources that were not there before.

For our one-on-one or couples work I consider that we are here to help you thrive. Whether this means there is something stopping you from having what you aspire to, a desire to tease through knots in yourself,  a difficulty resting in who you are, some repair to be done, a heart to be nursed back to openness, we can attend to your being. You have an inner world that is a unique ecosystem, deals with particular forces and circumstances. By exploring and attending to your internal landscape we can support it’s growth.

When working with groups, I regard the whole system as an ecosystem that needs to be tended to. Together we can maximize the fertility of the soil so whatever grows within it can thrive.

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist Certified Hakomi Teacher and Group facilitator. I am trained in Sensorimotor Trauma Work as well as EMDR, another extremely effective modality to work with Trauma. When working with groups, I apply an eclectic mix of group facilitation models. I am the Co-Founder of Anam Cara Healing Center, Teacher for the Hakomi Institute of California, Adjunct Professor at California Institute of Integral Studies and JFK University. My approach blends together elements of psychotherapy, somatic psychology, Buddhist psychology eco-psychology, movement modalities, community development, farming, permaculture indigenous wisdom, communication skills as well as an array of healing modalities and spiritual lineages. I have lived in many cultures. I am Franco-American and so also work in French.