Eilish Nagle, MA, CCHT, CHP

Certified Hakomi Practitioner

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My passion is to infuse kindness and curiosity into those places in you that may be obstructed by old habits -- to change what has been conditioned into what is evolutionary to your true nature. Whether it is a broken heart, an anxious mind, or a hunger for change, we welcome whatever brings you to this inquiry as a gateway to knowing yourself with greater range and clarity than you thought possible.

I especially welcome people who find themselves in the unknown borderlands of their lives, when transitions or change are calling them to shed what no longer serves them, and become more of who they truly are. I sit with you as a collaborative ally, mirror, and mentor in the discovery of your unique landscape. While we may seek to understand old limiting beliefs, our deeper journey is toward the part of you that is naturally unlimited, the part that recognizes and moves towards its greatest aliveness. Together we find the resources you already have to support the unfurling of your life.

I employ a variety of tools. Hakomi mind/body integrative guidance can bring mindfulness and embodiment to the way you approach the world. Movement, art, writing, and other creative expression can help expand your full voice. Other traditions and practices--simple and potent tools like Reiki, meditation, sound, ritual, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) --all serve to train your attention toward your own “true north.” In short, this is a creative process that, like the unfolding of your own work of art, will bring you back home to yourself.

I have had a practice in the Bay Area since 1996, and I am a Co-Founder of Anam Cara Center and founder of Threshold Life Design, a transformative coaching modality. My approach is informed by 20 years of Buddhist practice, earth-based traditions, and integrative somatic counseling. I hold a Masters Degree in Depth Psychology, training in Ecopsychology, Certification in the Hakomi Method, Hakomi Sensorimotor Trauma Training, Re-Creation of the Self Method, Reiki, and Clinical Certification in Hypnotherapy. Over the years I've also worked as a whitewater river guide and lead workshops on writing and creativity. I am trained as a wilderness rites of passage guide through Rites of Passage and offer regular “DayQuests,” a one-day version of the traditionally longer wilderness rites of passage ceremony (see community events calendar for upcoming offerings).