Rivka Geoghegan, MA, MFT

CA License # MFC 46019
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The inner landscape of a person is complex, beautiful and challenging. One reason we struggle is because internal processes we don’t understand overwhelm us. One of our goals in therapy is to help you get a firm grasp on your internal world. I assist you in gaining knowledge and insight into how you think, how you feel and how that manifests into certain behaviors. Knowing yourself and being able to discern what’s going on internally empowers you to act more freely, confidently, and efficiently.

I want you to feel more capable in your life, whether that is in your relationships, your work or your life goals. Many people think therapy is just about venting and feeling and are not interested in spending their hard earned money and time to just “feel”. My perspective is that feelings can be important but what is of utmost importance is awareness. Knowing your own structures, strengths and limitations enables you to implement real changes in your day-to-day life that in turn affect how you feel. We are truly more malleable than we think. I do not view my clients as people who are broken, but as people who can live more freely, more vibrantly and more true to who they are, not who they learned to be. That freedom is my hope for you.

Couples work
Couples often do not realize the amazing power and impact they have on one another. The energy that creates intense flare-ups or arguments can be re-routed into supporting and empowering each other instead. Couples often view conflicts as a sign that they are not right for each other. My view is the contrary. Conflicts that occur in relationship are the perfect doorways to deeper healing and relating. There is no one who can touch your vulnerable wounds or evoke your strong defenses like your intimate partner. The familiar closeness in intimate relationship brings up unresolved family of origin issues and dilemmas. Since your partner is not actually your mother, father or sibling, he or she can learn to respond to your triggers in ways that are helpful and supportive. In this way, the relationship can become a vehicle for true growth and expansion. This lens brings a rich aspect and dimension to your relationship that can become a solid foundation and common ground for both of you. Your closeness and connection can deepen as you bring understanding and love to your recurring struggles.

Premarital counseling
Getting married or making a life commitment to another is a significant rite of passage in our lives. Regardless of how long the two of you have been together as a couple, taking this step marks a move from one phase of life to another. It is an exciting time and can also bring up challenging thoughts and emotions. I offer supportive pre-marital counseling sessions where we can discuss any issues, concerns, hopes, and intentions as you approach your wedding day and your marriage.

Wedding Officiating
In addition to specializing in couple’s therapy, I am an ordained, non-denominational minister, which simply means I can legally marry people. I have helped numerous couples plan and execute a wedding ceremony that reflects what is most important to them as individuals and as a couple. I find that my counseling skills as well as my love of ceremony and ritual provides couples with the support they need to navigate the many complexities and potential stresses that come with wedding planning. I take the time to get to know you and bring that knowing into creating a personalized ceremony. I offer a free one time in person consultation regarding wedding preparation to discuss what you are looking for and to see if I can meet your needs.

You can also visit me at www.berkeley-therapist.org for more information.